• Fluchos - Calzado artesano cosido a mano
  • Hand-sewn craft

    Fluchos Technology

    Fluchos is a family business of footwear for men and women located in Arnedo (La Rioja). Originally, Fluchos specialized in manufacturing hand-sewn men’s shoe.

    Fluchos shoes are comfortable, because they are hand-sewn, stitch by stitch. They are more durable because real people sew and check the shoes, one by one. This, together with the noble leathers and the latest technologies applied to different ranges means that Fluchos shoes are extremely comfortable.

  • Fluchos Light
  • Fluchos Light

    Fluchos Technology

    XL Extralight® is the first lighter sole for increased comfort. The shoe weighs less, is lighter, and is very comfortable. It is made from non-toxic, environmentally-friendly materials.

    Its main characteristics are:

    • Comfier shoes
    • Lighter soles
    • Improved comfort

  • Fluchos Sanotan
  • Sanotan Leather

    Fluchos Technology

    This is a characteristic product made using an innovative process, which eliminates the use of chromium in the whole process, and offers an improved fit and breathability. Sweat easily evaporates through the leather, leading to a more comfortable shoe.

    Its main characteristics are:

    • Environmentally-friendly leather
    • Free of chromium
    • Hypoallergenic

  • Fluchos Oxigen
  • Fluchos Show Step
  • Fluchos Flexibilidad ligeraza comodidad
  • Fluchos Shock Absorber
  • Fluchos Out Dry
  • Fluchos Only Profesional

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