We were founded in 1962 by two locals, Lázaro Garrido and Antonio Sáenz, with the aim of making comfortable shoes for everyday wear and long working days. And today, that aim is still intact.

We have always been a standard bearer of "Marca España" for many reasons, but the main ones are the quality and comfort that define us. Our shoes have always been, are and will always be shoes made in Spain, footwear manufactured with the utmost care, combining the functional concept of comfort with painstaking workmanship, adapting perfectly to all needs.

Since our inception, we have used a handcrafted production process combined with the latest technologies and the knowledge of all our workers, which is passed down from generation to generation. This has allowed us to position ourselves both in the national and international market as a brand ambassador of design, comfort and shoes made in Spain.

Day by day we strive to protect and conserve the environment through various projects. And we have always done so by taking care of the environment where we manufacture each of our products, with actions such as: minimum level of chrome in the leather, elimination of the use of PVC, minimum energy consumption, among others.

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