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SIMON 8721 Natural Negro

The lightweight Simon model uses XL Extralight sole technology to reduce weight and increase comfort. The shoe weighs less, is lighter and is remarkably comfortable. A classic and elegant model, with premium quality in both types of skin available.Made in Spain.

Men's Loafers

Men's loafers never go out of fashion. They’re a classic item always available for a whole host of occasions, allowing men to stylishly combine the comfort of these shoes with different outfits. The Fluchos collection of men's loafers is designed with maximum comfort in mind. All our men's loafers are made from premium leather and we meticulously design each pair of men's loafers to give the very best results. We therefore guarantee that each customer benefits from maximum comfortwhen wearing any men's loafers from our collection. Quality is always maximum. Guaranteed.

Colour and design in our range of men's loafers

And in no case is comfort at odds with style. At Fluchos we are fully aware that design matters and that's why we make our men's loafers in a wide range of colours. We always take care of the finishes and make sure that each pair of Fluchos loafers boasts a contemporary edge. Taking care of details is essential and our men's loafers have a touch of innovation that makes them smart loafers for the versatile man. Any occasion is suitable for Fluchos loafers, as they can be paired with different styles of clothing. Fluchos men's loafers are very comfortable leather shoes with our guaranteed maximum quality. Their linings are perfect, just like the uppers. They have an excellent modern finish and are perfect for any occasion. Style and comfort in every single pair of men's loafers from Fluchos.

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