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Soft, light flexible shoes

Kiowa shoes are completely hand-made. At Fluchos we use traditional methods to make our shoes, ensuring they are the most comfortable shoes on the market and care for every foot that wears them. Comfort is essential and we keep it at the forefront of our minds when making each and every pair of Kiowa shoes. Everything is done by hand, paying careful attention to every detail so that the result is a pair of superior quality hand-made shoes. Our Kiowa shoes are hand-made according to a rigorous, traditional processes; a far cry from large scale industrial production where little care is given to individual shoes. At Fluchos we like to take great care in everything we dobecause that means we are taking care of our customers. We can guarantee you'll never be uncomfortable in a pair of Kiowa shoes.

Kiowa, the hand-made shoes you've been looking for

If a comfortable, elegant pair of hand-made shoes is on your wish list then its time you tried Kiowa shoes by Fluchos. They are the best possible combination of quality and style in a pair of shoes. Kiowa shoes are synonymous with elegance so these beautiful hand-made shoes will go with any outfit you desire. A pair of hand-made Kiowa shoes will be the perfect for for any occasion, you won't have to choose between comfort and elegance. Our shoes have it all. Our production is based on traditional Spanish methods so you can enjoy wearing superior quality hand-made shoes. We only use the finest materials and we pay careful attention to every detail so you can benefit from the quality results. Kiowa hand-made shoes will give you supreme comfort and plenty of style. Our rigorous working methods are your guarantee.

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