• Since1960

    Our Story

    Fluchos is a family business that sells shoes for men and women located in Arnedo (La Rioja), one of the most important centres in Spain. Originally, Fluchos specialized in manufacturing hand-sewn shoes for men. Since then, the company has stood out for incorporating advanced production techniques whilst preserving their traditional heritage.

    Fluchos began designing and making shoes in a time when only a few privileged people wore them or they were kept for special days. Fluchos endeavoured to come up with new and fresh designs based on comfort, putting forward their collections at the best fairs season after season.

  • Decade of the 70s and 80s

    Our History

    Fluchos had great success with its designs based on natural leather and 100% rubber soles, achieving unique levels of comfort. They continued working steadily on the comfort line and it registered its first hand-sewn shoe patent, called Artesano, featuring a unique design philosophy in the market, with personalised soles and with new systems such as Air System Fluchos, Shock Absorber, and Air Comfort System.

  • Decade of the 90s

    Our history

    From 1994 they started using water and humidity resistant materials which completely insulate the foot. Later, they continued to prioritise design, presenting a wide range of new designs every season, featuring customised materials, soles, lasts, etc.

    In 1998, thanks to the Solgrip sole, shoes made by Fluchos improved considerably in terms of grip in wet conditions, as well as resistance to hydrolysis and abrasion.

  • XXI Century

    Our history

    In 2001 the Fluchos Antiestático line was developed, with insoles that could transfer the static energy that builds up in the body through friction and other common movements such as walking. It is a conductive shoe, but only in small amounts, which allows static energy to be discharged. In 2008 Fluchos introduced its new OutDry waterproof models.

  • More thank just confort

    Here at FLUCHOS we believe in a job well done, so all our shoes are 100% made in Spain, which gives us greater control over the quality of materials and finishes. We believe that quality is the key to success. We focus on research to develop new technologies that allow us to create lighter shoes which regulate temperature, are waterproof, or are more flexible to provide ABSOLUTE COMFORT.

    At Fluchos we believe in the new promises of the fashion world, so we give boys and girls who are getting started in this industry the opportunity to become the image of our brand. Each season we host the event FLUCHOS BOY GIRL PAGEAN where the winners become the image of our advertising campaigns.

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