Care and Cleaning

-INHIBIDOR COVID-19 Para Calzado -INHIBIDOR COVID-19 Para Calzado 2
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-COVID-19 INHIBITOR For Footwear

First microorganism inhibitor on the specialized market for footwear capable of slowing the growth of microorganisms (viruses, bacteria and fungi) in footwear. This inhibitor is a true discovery capable of reducing the transmission of the virus without altering the appearance of the shoe and is in a preventive treatment on any type of material both...
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Care and Cleaning



Footwear care and cleaning products

When buying good shoes like the ones we sell in Fluchos what we need to take into account is the importance of making sure they will accompany us for a long time. After all, if we have made an investment in a quality product, what we want first of all is that we can enjoy it for as long as possible. And for this we have to do is use footwear care and cleaning products and the like, since with them we will be a sure that the state of conservation will be perfect.

The importance of using shoe cleaning products

Since the shoes are manufactured by the big brands, they take care that they maintain the best appearance,that they seem always that they have just been prepared to attract the customer's attention. The best brands use cleaning products that make shoes look fabulous and irresistible, not only gaining shine, but getting a breathtaking look at all levels. This is what makes us feel a desire for them and what pleases us from the first moment we have them in front of us.

In particular one of the trends that our team is betting on is the use and distribution of organic creams that taking advantage of the benefits of the environment lead to the shoe always having a superb appearance. These types of creams will help shoes always look perfect and that the passage of time does not affect them as directly as it would if they were not well taken care of.

To use the creams you do not have to have complex knowledge, since you only have to use it after we remove the dust from the surface of the footwear, using the small sponge included in the jar. Every time we clean the shoes we will have to do it with very small amounts of cream, since we are not looking for them to be excessively prickly.

After the cream we will use a suede, a suitable cloth or a brush that will help us recover the original shine of the shoes. With this process, which of course we do not have to repeat on a daily basis, but maintaining adequate levels frequently, we will make the shoes we have always have the best look possible. This way we can impress our friends and acquaintances by showing them how well we take care of the shoes we buy and how much we care about keeping it in the best possible condition.

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